And the winner is…me? The Wonderful Liebster Blog Award

I’m thrilled to be honored  for yet, another blog award from fellow blogger, Jlee @ Jlee’s Blog:

There aren’t many words to describe the prowess of Ms. Jlee…you need to go check it out yourself. This blog is as entertaining as Las Vegas; it never bores, because there is way too much see, read, look at, laugh at, and love! Jlee writes a myriad of product reviews, hilarious “Bad Mom” excerpts, and other day-to-day quandaries and conundrums. What’s more, this blog includes a section called “Deep Thoughts by Jlee,” quick, ironic, satirical ‘wisdom’ that can only come from the mind of a verbal genius. If that wasn’t enough, a visit to this blog will dazzle you with stories of “The Chiquita” (Jlee’s fabulous nickname for her daughter), passages from Concrete Boots, a book in progress, and lastly, a fairly new feature known as “Lighten Up,” which I won’t reveal anything about, because you simply must read the hysterical TRUE story for yourself.

This is seriously one of the most unique blogs I’ve ever come across, and Jlee’s personality comes across the virtual pages tenfold. I’ve never met Jlee in person, but I can tell from her blog that she’s someone I’d love to go have a drink with!

And the Liebster Blog rules are as follows:

  1. Answer Jlee’s 11 probing questions
  2.  Think of 11 questions of your own
  3. Choose 11 worthy bloggers (who have fewer than 200 followers) to interrogate and pay it forward

1. Tell me three things you carry with you.

I’ll go beyond the obvious here, meaning cell phones, wallets, purses, etc. I’d like my answer to the question to have more value than that. I debated if this meant physical things or mental things, but to avoid being too cheeky, I’ll stick to the physical. (1) Mace /Pepper spray. I watch waaaay too many real life crime dramas, and due to my regular night classes, which I both teach and take, this gives me a sense of security. (2) Lipstick. As I get older I have more and more faith in cosmetics, and there’s just something about wearing lipstick. It completes ‘the face,’ makes you feel like you’ve completed the make up process, and while daily touch ups aren’t quite as satisfying as the initial coating, it’s still refreshing. (3) A photograph of my paternal grandparents circa 1992, standing on their front stoop distributing Halloween candy to a slew of neighborhood children. I’m not sure what it is about the picture that moves me so much, but it makes me feel warm inside. During stressful days, I like pull it out of my purse and gaze at it, as it brings me back to my childhood, and reminds how deeply good they both were/are (Grandma passed last October, but thankfully Grandpa is still with us).

2. What was your first job?

Beyond babysitting, it was at a small, individually owned publishing company run by one owner and one secretary. The company, called “Calsun Publications” printed a yearly directory of local businesses. The company was situated in my hometown, and one summer the owner called the head of the English department at my high school, and asked her to recommend an honorable, intelligent, responsible student (me!) for a summer gig. I did a lot filing and faxing. I was fifteen. I walked there and back everyday for an entire summer.

3. What are your thoughts on jean skirts – are they “in style”? (I’ve been told they’re out of style, is that even possible?)

I like them. I’m not sure if they are ‘in style’ or not–I’ve actually wondered the same thing. Because in some ways, they make me think of my beloved, yet old school Full House and Saved by the Bell characters, but on the other hand, denim is always classic…except for the jacket, oh and the infamous “Canadian Tuxedo” look. I never wear them though, because my thighs rub together. My sister is the skinny one. I’m the curvy one. I can’t imagine what it’s like to feel air between the thighs. OK. TMI.

4. What planet would you travel to if you could?

I would pick Neptune because of it’s azul blue color. There’s nothing to me like deep blue–any shade of blue for that matter. Neptune, though I’m aware that it is freezing out there, has a deep, ethereal quality to it that reminds me of peace.

5. What is your favorite piece of modern technology and why (microwave, DVR, computer, etc.)?

Although I love the Internet and my iPad, I’m going to go with modern HVAC (heating, ventilation, air condition) systems and of course, plumbing. In the long run, I’d choose a hot shower and indoor bathroom over playing a game of Angry Birds.

6. What super power would you possess if you could pick one?

This one’s easy. Invisibility. I could spy on people, listen to conversations, and get away with illegal activities such as vandalism (though I’d only go after those who had wronged me). Plus, I could hide from the bad guys. See, told you I watch too many crime shows.

7. Tell me the last dream you remember having.

I was on the beach with some friends, and I was slowly inching towards the water. I felt afraid to swim in vast ocean, but I was determined to try. I stopped short when I noticed a huge wave forming–but not in the center like it usually does, this wave was coming from the left hand side of the ocean. I started running towards the shore and people were screaming. The wave washed over me and crashed at my feet, but it didn’t knock me down. I was drenched, but still standing.

8. What TV show can you watch reruns of over and over and over?

That 70s Show & The Big Bang Theory

9. Do you agree with how others see you or do you think there is more than meets the eye?

Some people seem to get it right, but others are way off. For the most part, I’d say there is more than meets the eye. I’m a fairly reserved person, introverted, etc. I’m an example of that old adage, ‘Still waters run deep.’ There have been people in my life that have truly screwed me over based on pure misunderstanding of who I was, and what I was capable of.

10. What is your astrology sign and do the characteristics fit you?

I am a Libra (b. Oct 17), and yes, many of the classic Libra traits do fit me. I take forever to make a decision, and abhor conflict. I avoid it at all costs. I’m a born diplomat; I always see both sides of any situation. My take on most controversial topics is fairly moderate, and I’m consistently either on or off balance–just like the scales. I also crave beautiful surroundings.

11. Are you right handed or left handed?

Right handed. My left side is pretty much useless.

Now to my questions:

1. What’s your favorite flower?

2. If you could go back in time and see one artist or band LIVE  in their prime, who would it be? Why?

3. What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to someone? Do you regret it?

4. Name five celebrities you’d kill if murder were legal.

5. Name three or more celebrities people have  said you look like.

6. What was your first car?

7. What is your favorite time of day? Day of the week?

8. What is your favorite emotion? Least favorite?

9. What was your favorite age? Or, the best time in your life?

10. What parts of your body hurt the most?

11. What is your greatest vice?

And….finally, the time has come to announce eleven, err, seven worthy bloggers of the next round of almighty Liebster Award!

Lisa, from Main Street Musings:

Kirsten, from Write a Book with Me:

Bev, from Black Ink Paperie:

Julie Christine, from Chalk the Sun:

Terry, from Working with What I’ve Got:

Penny, from Pennyslayne:

Melissa, from Melissa Maygrove:

Thank you again to Jlee @ I’m so excited to be part of this award, and of course, to spread the blogging love.



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15 responses to “And the winner is…me? The Wonderful Liebster Blog Award

  1. Abrielle Valencia

    Congrats!! Well deserved….well deserved. 🙂

  2. “-my thighs rub together. … I can’t imagine what it’s like to feel air between the thighs.”

    I’m LOL-ing so hard. Nevertheless, I’m with you on this. Even when I’m slim, I have frog legs. hahaha (So we’re the TMI twins – who cares. :P)

    Congrats on your award and thank you for passing it on to me. You’re very kind. 🙂

  3. Aww, thank you so much! It’s so nice to be noticed. 🙂
    I loved your answers to the questions. I hope my answers to mine are as interesting!
    Congrats on your well-deserved award!!

  4. You’re welcome Kirsten! You have a great blog with identifiable posts. I’m sure you’re answers will be great.

  5. Great answers – Love the jean skirt answer. LOL And I love your questions! I’m going to answer #2! Fleetwood Mac, omg, I love them. 🙂 Thank you for passing the award on with such style and thank you for your kind words on my blog. ❤

  6. Congrats and thank you. I’d be afraid to have the invisibility super power — some things, I just don’t want to know. jlee – I finally saw Fleetwood Mac, but not until I was 40. They were still great.

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