Old School Sundays

As an undergraduate student studying literature, I was quite the annotation hound. In other words, I was trained to highlight, underline, circle, bracket, punctuate, and scribble marginal notes. In the process I ripped, stained, and smudged the pages. I searched for many elements: juxtaposition, metaphor, simile, symbols, themes, foreshadowing, etc. As time went on, I began to mark the pages using my trusty intuition–that is, lines that stood out to me, called to me. I devoured the quotes phrases that spoke of the larger world and pondered life’s great truths. What I’m left with is a bookshelf fill of underlined wisdom.

Old School Sundays celebrate the great stories of the past. Each week, I will reveal one of my highlighted quotes and attempt to explain why it resonated with me at time. I think you’ll find it incredible that these works–some of which written hundreds of years ago–still speak volumes of our world today.

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