Suite 101

“Doe a Deer”

Published in Goldfinch, the literary magazine of Women Who Write, Inc.

Volume 13


“Uncle John’s Chicken Wings”

Published in New Jersey Life & Leisure Magazine

July 2008


2 responses to “Writings

  1. I absolutely love your pages! The photographs brought back some memories and I wish I had alot more pictures from my own family. Alot were taken out of my childhood home. Just us two children and because something was stolen,a box full of b@w and color shots were taken. I am enjoying all that you write and the photo’s. I was born in 1955,58 years youngish,and I have duputrynes contracture in my hands,I have written all my life,Journals,a few poems, letters and letters and more. I’m trying to teach myself to write with my left hand,non dominant. I can scratch out a note barely legible if I use pencil.Pen….looks like a wayward doodle! You inspire me and I just want to say,Thank you! Love and hugs,Mary ❤

    • Hi Mary! Thanks so much for stopping by. And thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you like my blog. I’m so sorry your old photographs were taken. That’s one of the worst things that someone can take…even worse than something fancy or expensive. I really believe in the power of photographs.

      I’m glad I could inspire your writing life! That’s what I aim to do!

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